Temperature Control & Contract Manufacturing
Oven Industries Inc., founded in 1964, has pioneered in the development of custom electronic temperature control... Learn More
Humidity Control Solutions
Humidification temperature control solutions for industries including environmental applications... Learn More

Digital PID Temperature Controllers and Sensors

For over 40 years, Oven Industries Inc. has specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom digital pid temperature controllers and temperature sensors. Along with our custom design services, we also provide a standard line of digital pid temperature controllers and sensors for heating and cooling applications, including those that use thermoelectric modules (Peltier Modules). Our extensive experience and state-of-the-art electronic contract manufacturing facilities are located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Learn More

Digital Temperature Controllers

Solid state MOSFET bidirectional compact digital temperature controllers for thermoelectric modules with an internal power supply. Learn More

PID Temperature Controllers

Oven Industries offers a variety of thermoelectric module pid temperature controllers for a wide range of industries. Learn More

Temperature Sensors

Our temperature sensors are easily integrated with any of our PID temperature controller systems or other pre-existing systems you currently have. Learn More

Featured Products

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Oven Industries’ Temperature Control Institute

If you are interested in learning more about temperature control, temperature controllers and sensors, we strongly recommend you enroll in Oven Industries’ Temperature Sensing and Control Institute.   Click Here and Register.  If you want to learn more about temperature controllers and temperature sensors, visit our learning center